Accelerating Logistics Analytics: Alteryx + Tableau in Action

Tuesday, August 8th | 4:00 - 4:45 PM EST

Elevate your logistics operations by leveraging modern data tools to drive efficiency and performance. Register for this webinar to witness the powerful synergy of these cutting-edge tools and how they can transform your business.

In this webinar:

  • Explore how Alteryx simplifies the complex process of data preparation, advanced analytics, and machine learning, enabling logistics professionals to optimize their operations.
  • Discover how Tableau's intuitive interface and robust features empower users to create stunning visualizations and interactive dashboards, allowing for deeper data exploration and informed decision-making in the realm of logistics.
  • Review real-world use cases from industry experts to gain invaluable insights and practical knowledge, equipping you to apply these transformative tools to address your own unique logistics challenges effectively.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to accelerate your capabilities in logistics analytics and unlock the true potential of your operations. Register now to secure your spot in this webinar and embark on a transformative journey towards data-driven logistics excellence."


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  Mina Ozgen

  Principal Analytics Consultant

  Aimpoint Digital


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